Animal Kingdom Reunion Tour 2004
November 3, 2004
Kilimanjaro Safari
The elephants were ambling around, eating and looking for shade.
We were riding along and all of a sudden two huge rhinos came charging along right at us and ran on by as we passed.
Really cool!
The Lion King was up at 9:30 am, but then snoozed the rest of the day. There are 2 lion couples, and each couple rotates to this viewing area every 2 days. Then they get 2 days of privacy.
The Hippos were sleeping the first time around. Try to find the 2 sets of feet.
Later they were playing, both above water...
...and below!
The gorillas were awake and puttering,
for the most part.
The bats freaked Buddy out - he had to leave the bat cave...
The tigers in Asia were ready for the evening meal, very active.
- a la Hockney

This is what we saw when we first walked into our room.
Excellent giraffe action!
Giraffes drink with great difficulty. Maybe that's why they don't seem to move around any more than necessary.
Zebras seem to be the "dumb blonds" of the savannah - beautiful but a bit dull.
Plenty of storks, no babies in sight.
Reticulated giraffes early morning gossiping over the back yard fence before they go out to be viewed, and eat, on their respective savannahs around the lodge.
We were on the Zebra Trail side of the lodge, and these were "our" giraffes. They keep all the boys together and all the girls together. Don't know what ours are.
Great place to see animals from your room!